What Your Brain Doesn't Understand

Mar 01, 2022

The answer is very simple; your brain doesn't understand the difference between real and fake.

Fun fact: if you think of a lemon then the same part of your brain is activated as if you actually see the lemon.

Think about a lemon now and notice what happens?

Think about biting into a lemon, or an orange, or an apple. You know what it tastes like. You can salivate over it.

Think about something that you want to achieve. You can feel it, you can see it, you can hear it, your brain doesn't know that it doesn't exist.

Your brain reacts to input.

My nephew asked if I wanted to go rock climbing using his VR headset. "Sure," I said, and when I put that headset on I was on a tiny ledge thousands of feet up a rock face!

My heart stopped. My brain knew that I put on a headset, that it would be impossible to have left the house so quickly, but this was real, there were the sounds of birds and wind. In fact, it was so real I was scared for my life. I looked up a sheer cliff. That was enough for me.

I ripped off the headset and I was standing in the living room. What a trip!

The reality is that everything that goes through your mind matters to you. You think the feeling, the feeling becomes an action, and you work toward success.

You can start putting motivational thoughts in your own mind now. You don't need an MP3 or YouTube. You just need to think I'm ready for a new challenge, and I am the right person for the job.

It's your duty to tell your brain what to think. Duh.

I've asked thousands of people: when you look in the mirror do you think something positive or negative?

Guess what people answer the most.

Most people answer negative- Especially Kids. I always ask them, "Well, can you say something positive right after?"

They can, anybody can, and they do. Only you have the ability to change negative thoughts/feelings/behaviors. It often seems impossible but we have that ability.

Remember, it doesn't matter if it is true or false.

What matters is that you make something true. Jerry Maguire, "LIE TO ME JERRY!"

I am a workout machine, I like to work smarter, my investments pay me back. I deserve success. Look at how good I look. It feels good to feel good, doesn't it?

Caveat: I read personal journals from 10 years ago and I was saying this positive stuff back then. I was writing about my dream estate, cars, and jobs (in great detail). Now I'm reading this 10 years later thinking, man, how did none of my dreams and ambitions come true?

The TRUTH is that I've been saying the same positive things for 25 years, probably more. When I was 25 my dream was to have a skyscraper in Vancouver with my name on it. Where did that dream go?

How many people would stop talking about unbelievable success if it didn't come to fruition even after 4 years? At some point you have to just give up, right?

Sure! You give up many times, nobody cares.


The words keep coming and they keep giving you hope. You just do a little bit of work toward your dream every single day, and after 25 years you are right on top of it. Your business is picking up steam, you have so many resources and so much self-confidence that it doesn't matter what other people see or think.

You are tough because for the last 10 years your friends got sick of hearing about your dreams. They wanted RESULTS. Your spouse called you a loser, your mom wouldn't lend you money, even your dog snubs you... but that's not what you've been feeding your mind.

You've been dreaming about success.

You've been working toward your single goal. You have to be the best at something. Only you know what that is. You take it one step at a time remembering failure is feedback. You learn to keep your head down, you keep that dream to yourself and you keep going no matter what the odds.

There is a great movie called Flash of Genius, it talks about exactly this... a guy has an invention stolen from him by the biggest corporation in America. The guy has no money for a lawyer so he represents himself. At first, he was supported but as the years went on he was buried in his cause, he had to learn the law. Everybody ditched the guy; his wife left, children disowned him... BUT 10 years later the guy was awarded the equivalent of 100 million dollars today.

You know his wife and kids came back running!

They would say, "Of course I believed in you! It wasn't you, it was me!"

You know you are onto something if you are willing to give up everything to achieve it.

To sum this up, the only real reality is what you believe. Nobody can or will take it away from you. You are the result of your thoughts. Control your thoughts, control your reality- so they say.

Have a kick-ass day,