What Happens After Fasting for 3 Days?

Nov 23, 2021

After 72 hours of fasting on the dot, I ate sweet chicken and rice. 45 minutes later I was asleep on the couch. The next day I was a mess.

I had a crazy earache.

Jody Lea said, "What would Louise Hay say is wrong with your ear?"

Obviously, I didn't know.

"You're afraid to hear something," Jody responded, "Wouldn't you agree?"

Yes, Dear.

Maybe she was right, and that's why I needed a great reset (72 hours fast). Here are 10 things that came to my awareness in the 3 days following:

  1. Newfound inner strength. Food fasting is hard and rewarding
  2. Newfound energy to go after goals.
  3. Opened up a new channel of income
  4. Broke-up with a bad opportunity
  5. Yoyo eating. I'll have 5,000 calories at once
  6. Beer tastes better
  7. That earache lasted for about 20 days
  8. Looking forward to Christmas
  9. A narrow down to my single enemy: the government. To the government, but due to the holidays let's just lay down our weapons dear government, hold this debate, enjoy the holiest time of year. We'll get back to fighting in the new year.
  10. Said no one ever. Let's go, Brandon!

If unaware, listen closely to what the audience is shouting.

My dad always says, "If you don't want to get in a fight then don't talk politics or religion.

Whatever, you should be able to debate your government. That's called democracy. I'm debating my government, but it is on hold right now and I need to remember that.

In other news, my child is hilarious and I can't wait to monetize all her talents. What parent wouldn't want to monetize their child?

Why wouldn't everybody want to monetize their life?

Why is that not taught in school?

Let's face it, the school system is broken. It's not our fault, again it's the government's fault. Again, oops, I will be debating them in the new year.

It just feels right.

It's not like I'll ever take my battle further than the paper. Imagine me, up there battling Justin Trudeau.

He would sound like a fool.

It'll be me and the destructive libertarians. A new world order where people take back the power. Suddenly, our esteemed government officials won't have "extra expenses" for private jets. They'll be right there in the economy section with the rest of us. We can debate them anytime we want.

I'll have to update you on the rest of the plan, I've only just recently become aware of my enemy. I may have to do Ayahuasca to figure out the course of action.

Want to be a part of that?

Have a great and wonderful day