Tammy Pescatelli's Audience Interaction: Is it Intentional or Accidental?

Feb 25, 2024

The other day I was watching comedy shows at 2 am and Tammy was cracking me up. When those segments hit I was reminded (as I always am when I hear this) of the first comedian's DVD I bought after the show.

There is so much speakers can learn from comedians, we can learn how to shorten our stories and make them descriptive and funny. Always get to a point.

Also, listen to how comedians use pauses, tonality, and emphasis in their words. Every word is important.

Let's repeat that:

Every word is important!

When you're on stage, every word, every gesture, every question, audience interaction, and moment is important.

I bet Tammy has had mentors in her career, I bet all great comedians have and yet how many CEO's, managers, and sales professionals are trained speakers?

Thank you for asking, I know the approximate answer and it's not very many. That's something that blows my mind because speaking is a discipline, and if you want to get your message across with ease and conviction then reach out to me for a chat:


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