Public Speaking Motivation

Mar 01, 2022

Imagine if public speaking was the easiest task in the world, would you...

  1. ask for a raise at work?
  2. train a sales team?
  3. get through to your spouse?
  4. network/pickup dates/get out of a funk/meet friends at school?
  5. write a keynote speech?
  6. look for speaking gigs?
  7. stand up for something you believe in?
  8. create multiple streams of wealth?

I know you're thinking, that's not public speaking, I could do all of those things but put me in a room in front of a bunch of strangers and I freeze.

I'd argue that anytime you open your mouth and speak out loud, is public speaking. The real challenge is to understand how conversation flows.

I'm willing to be that you wouldn't have the same fear of large crowds if you absolutely knew without a doubt that the audience was going to love you.

Here's a tip to make public speaking easier: tell yourself that public speaking is easy.

BLAM! It's so dang simple. You don't have to believe it, you just have to say it a lot and your brain thinks it just for a moment. If you ever hear the words, I'm so scared of public speaking then you finish that thought with; BUT, public speaking is easy and fun.

You don't need research to back this up. You just have to do it. The more you do it, the easier it gets. And YES, you lie to yourself, who cares, there is a famous line in Jerry Maguire where the football player shouts at his agent, "LIE TO ME JERRY!"

Insider tip: you can do this for anything!!! I tell myself I'm the best speaking coach on the planet and it's not true... I don't have a Dale Carnegie program. My program is wayyyy BETTER!

Say this:

I'm the best (think something here), and I deserve success!

Again it's not true but our brain doesn't know that. I'll prove it to you in my next post. Sign up for my newsletter and you'll discover the most well-kept conversational secrets on the planet. You'll never fall behind on your goals again! You'll feel empowered when you stand up for your beliefs no matter what people around you say, do, or think. YOU are the driver of your destiny.