Public Speaking Course Vancouver (Your Secret Weapon).

Mar 26, 2021

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, "I could really benefit from a public speaking course!"

I'd have about $1,000.

990 of those people will spend a lifetime saying, "Man I should take a public speaking class. I just have so much stuff to do... ohhh Netflix... hey, shiny object."

They grow old feeling regret, thinking if only I took action... I could have done so much more. Why didn't I get started then? I knew what to do but I just didn't do it.

Would you like to be different?

Would you like to stop procrastinating?

How about maximizing your potential, does that sound good?

Here Are 10 Benefits Of A Public Speaking Course

  1. personal development (you need this skill)
  2. you can get started at any age (some speakers start at 16 & others at 60).
  3. create online and offline courses (and have a 6-figure side hustle).
  4. face your fear (it's liberating to hire a public speaking coach).
  5. never get bullied, or let others get bullied.
  6. you are always able to speak up.
  7. you'll move higher up the economic and social food chain (it's been proven)
  8. better relationships (a no-brainer).
  9. you become awesome at networking (grow your business, be the connected kid at school)
  10. You stop procrastinating (you want to take action. Remember, you can talk yourself into or out of anything).

3 Ways You Can Make Money As A Public Speaker.

Keynote speaking.

Pros: this is the golden egg for speakers. You've either done something extraordinary or overcome something extraordinary and people want to hear your story. You can get paid tens of thousands of dollars for a 45 to 90-minute talk. Event organizers fly you in, pay for your hotel, praise your speaking, and hand you a fat cheque for your time.

Cons: it's competitive because everybody wants to be a keynote speaker. You're competing against celebrities, business tycoons, Olympic athletes, and people who got off heroin.


Pros: it's easy to create a program and sell it right away. You can create online & offline courses, 90-minute workshops, or all-day events. With the right training structure (which is included in this online speaker training course) you can be sure that your program is going to be a hit!

Cons: if you can't find clients then even the best training program will flop. BUT, finding clients is a lot easier when you have confidence in your training.


Pros: it's easy to move up almost any food chain (even though you're thinking it's not). Companies will headhunt and seek you out. Also, you can create dynamic teams that outsell all competitors, love their work-life, want to be at work more, and that look up to your every inspiring thought.

Cons: ego. Once someone becomes a manager they often think they don't need training. They got the title, they are the best, and if you can't hang then see-ya-later!

Some Managers Are Different

Automotive sales manager Charles Mercier said: the first thing I got out of Bisanz Advanced Speaker Training is that, unfortunately, I had it backward.

Like many of us, throughout my education and career, I was put in a position that involved public speaking. I went for it, knowing that I had to do it in order to reach the next level. However, it meant going through ongoing growing pain. I never knew exactly how to tackle the next big (to me) public address. Anxiety, difficulty structuring my speech, how-to include humor, along with so many other unanswered feelings and questions I had while preparing for my speech.

When I wrote I had it backward, I meant I wish I had spent those sessions with Devin at the start of my educational path. All of my fears, anxieties, questions, doubts, were addressed over the course of his program.

You can't change the past, but it is never too late to learn and grow.

Stop doubting, start acting. Reach out to Devin.

Listen to what Joyce said:

I'M FUNNY, I'M INSPIRATIONAL AND I HAVE SOMETHING VALUABLE TO SHARE.. the 3 most important things I took away from this taught me how to step out of my comfort zone because that's when I will learn the most. Devin is fun and educational..very lucky to have him as my coach!! HELLO & WELCOME!

Remember the movie, we bought a zoo?

Starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johanson. In that movie, Benjamin says, "all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Twenty seconds of embarrassing bravery and I guarantee you something good will come of it."

I'm asking you to tap into that insane courage right now and book a FREE strategy call with public speaking coach Devin Bisanz. Students, entrepreneurs, coaches, sales professionals, and even stay-at-home parents will tell you how powerful the skill of communication is. Now is the time to join.

Take a minute to check out my newest speaking course and let's change your life!

You're about to work with one of the top public speaking coaches in Canada.