Public Speaking Certification Program For Entrepreneurs

May 25, 2022

BA Speaker Training is about to offer an elite speaker training certification program for entrepreneurs!

I'm super excited about it because I love working with entrepreneurs.

Update: find out more about how to get involved in this speaking program.

What separates this speaking program from all the programs on the market?

  1. Me
  2. You
  3. The program

ME: one of my mentors once said, "If you want to be a great speaker then you have to be a little bit off."

I thought to myself, I am definitely off, people tell me that all the time. I don't care to fit into an idea of what people are supposed to be like. In fact, I do most things differently including how I approach audiences. For example, one thing public speakers always say is, "Know your audience."

Speakers extensively research their audience, they find out everything about how audiences think and act, and what they do on their spare time. But think about the people around you... how many of those people truly know themselves?

I like to Get To Know My Audience. In real-time, as I talk to them. I interact with audiences of all sizes. I want to get to know them, and I want to get to know you too.

This approach to speaking may not work for you. That's okay, it doesn't have to. If everybody were the same then that would be weird, right?

YOU: know that public speaking can make you more money. You know that speaking can turn you into a better leader. You know deep down that you would like to be recognized for your hard work, and you know that being a skilled speaker will benefit you.

You are also okay with spending a bit of money on your personal development.

You want to be a part of a team of professionals who love talking about business and prosperity. You want to talk about goals, ambitions, and desires, and you're looking for time money freedom.

Wouldn't you agree?

The program: you're going to be a certified speaker. You're going to meet live with me once/week to learn about speaking and your speaking career.

You're going to get a series of challenges from speaking challenges to leadership challenges to daily exercises that can make you a better speaker, AND advance your career.

But wait, is a public speaking course worth it?

I'm not going to give away all the details; in fact, the right entrepreneurs have already been going through this program, and it's super cool because it includes video challenges that you won't see anywhere!!!

I've already been getting feedback from professionals like Judy who works for Meta. She said, "The change is phenomenal!"

I've got over 50 reviews on Google, a few for this course in particular, and people like Lauren said, "Devin is a great teacher and I recommend his course!"

Get more information on my training course here!

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Talk soon,

Devin Bisanz