Online Public Speaking Courses For Students

Aug 11, 2021

Imagine this real-life situation for students: a teacher tells a class they HAVE to do a presentation.

How many students are eager to present?

How many students are confident in your presentation skills?

Perhaps I'm talking to a parent... does your little one get excited about being front and center?

Either way, that presentation is non-negotiable.

The best advice the teacher gives is to put some passion into the presentation.

I know a teacher who has their entire class perform a 3-minute comedy bit. The kicker is that the teacher doesn't give the students any advice on what to do.

There are 3.5 possible outcomes for this situation.

  1. The student hides behind a paper reading every word, or they read every word of their slideshow and speak so silently nobody can hear them, or so fast nobody can catch em.
  2. The student performs average but they mostly feel like they've bombed.
  3. The student gets a coach and nails it like they nail every speech they deliver for the rest of their life. You've found the best online public speaking course.

The 0.5- there is that one student who is a naturally great speaker.

"Everybody else has a mediocre or less than mediocre experience."

I have clients come to me when they are 40 years old and they say, "I had this one terrible speech in school and I've been embarrassed ever since!"

Here is what's mind-blowing!!

You wouldn't believe how many teachers tell me they are afraid of public speaking.

I'm like, but that's your job?!?

There is a SIMPLE 3-step solution to all students' public speaking foes.

Step 1: make sure your body language matches your words.

Step 2: make sure you speak with structure.

Step 3: make sure you speak with confidence.

Now, you could learn on your own like I basically did when I was 29 years old.

I wanted to promote a book I wrote. I joined Toastmasters International and drove from club to club for over one year getting feedback from hundreds of speakers. That feedback wasn't enough so I went to every training event and interviewed professional speakers until I was so knowledgeable people started asking me for advice.

People started asking me to coach them and their kids.

I started coaching as a favor but I never stopped because I realized that I could help anybody overcome fear; and whatever about fear, I also help students understand the power of suggestion, mind-body communication, and emotional Intelligence.

When the pandemic hit I took my training online and loved it! Learning public speaking is like learning anything else. Take basketball; you could learn to dribble and shoot in your backyard. You could even get pretty good at it, but you'll never make it to the NBA.

In fact, you'll never meet an NBA star who never had a coach.

A coach understands your skills and gives you the exact exercises that will take your game to the next level. Your learning curve goes from 5 years to 2 months. You, as a player, can now focus 100% on doing the drills. You take the guesswork out of it. You trust your coach and you improve, the coach takes you to the next level, to the next coach, and the next level.

Okay, But how does it all work?

This is the best part. I show students the exact exercises that take them from unsure to, YES, I live my best life. You can practice these exercises anywhere, during any conversation, that's why it doesn't matter if I coach live or online.

I know, it's hard to believe that anybody could be a comedian/motivational speaker/leader/author, and learn it online!

Like I said before, you learn how to speak with your body. You structure your speeches. You generate massive confidence.

PROOF that you can be a great speaker.

I had one student that goes by the name Wu on my Google reviews. Wu was only 12 when I met him and he had a stutter. After 8 sessions I questioned my ability to help. Then, I realized he could speak better when he memorized every word.

I helped Wu prepare a speech for an international speaking competition. We spent hours making that speech perfect before Wu stood on a stage like America's Got Talent; there were six judges in front, and 150 guests behind them.

I never doubted Wu's speech and was pleasantly surprised when Wu won 3rd place in that competition. He was also the funniest speaker of the day!!!!

Wu's review, "Devin, being both funny and open, is suitable for teaching public speaking classes. He can help students to overcome the difficulty of speaking in front of audiences and aid them to write brilliant speeches and present them dramatically. He also knew a lot of ways to be funny and both entertain and educate the listeners at the same time. By studying in his classes, students can become more positive and confident."

Since working with Wu, I've coached hundreds of other shy kids who are now speaking, leading, and changing lives.

"I'm excited to share this journey. I've joined an online teaching platform and after months of playing around, I've decided to go all in."

I also do live training in Vancouver BC, just fill out the following assessment and I'll get back to you ASAP!

I want to work with students ages 9-18, and heck, your parents can join an adult program too. When it comes to public speaking age is just a number. I have 10-year-old students who speaker better than 40-year-old veterans.