I Cleaned My Drawer And Found a Big Surprise

Apr 14, 2022

Today's challenge was from my friend Michelle; organize or clean a closet or drawer.

I thought, what a joke... but... there is a drawer by my bed which hasn't been cleaned in 118 years. My daughter often sneaks in there and one time we were like what the hell, where did she get a grenade from?

All kinds of items from previous dad life was in this drawer, watch the video. I hope my clients don't see it. All the private school parents will be saying, "You tried that stuff?"

"No," watch the video, I did the right thing.

BTW: the profound effect was that my head space seemed to open up, new ideas were flowing all afternoon. I had an ear problem and it improved drastically.

Even bigger than that, my wife was FLABBERGASTED.

She said, "What the f#@k got into you? I've been asking you to do this for over five years?"

In that moment her eyes wanted to try for another baby! I had to cool her jets as our toddler climbed on my back.

I asked my wife, "Would you like to watch the video I made about the experience?"

"NO, why would anybody watch that?"

Hahaha, I love my wife.

Interesting fact: my wife fell in love with me through reading my blogs. The chain of events went like this: she met me, she Googled me, she read my blog, and at 5 am the next morning she woke her mom up and said, "I found the man I'm going to marry!"

I want to get back to writing blogs for me so that's what I'm going to do.

Think happy thoughts and have yourself a great and wonderful day,

Devin Bisanz