How To Find Role Models When You Need Them

Jun 21, 2022

I was online with Peter Fry (mindset goalie coach), and he told me how he makes his clients put their face on a professional goalie so they can see themselves already in the NHL.

Me 3 Seconds Later....

I put my face on my role model but did anything change?

Too soon to tell; in fact, I got carried away with this new time wasting exercise and came up with this...

Can you guess who I'm putting my face on?

Below is one of my favourites

I'm not sure if this exercise works; however, these are speakers that I would like to become. These speakers take the speaking game serious.

If you had to put your face on your favourite leaders in your industry, who are those leaders?

Now, here's the answer I hear a lot...

I actually don't do that. I put myself in that position. I only compete with myself.

That may be true; I saw a Grant Cardone interview with Kevin Hart, and Kevin said, "I only compete with myself."

Perfect, that's excellent.

However, it's not the same in my life. I have to compete with big names in the speaker coaching industry, and with local brands in the speaking space; and it's a pretty small space.

Naturally, I'll be taking over the space just like my role models. The trick is to get around the competition and dominate my niche.

My point is...

You can compete with yourself all day long, but if you're still on the journey to where you want to be then who is in that space already? What did they do to get there? Those people can make your journey easier, the above people represent a speaking image I would like for myself. If I could become a cross of all those speakers then then let's go to the moon!

In fact...

Something did happen after I put my face on my speaking role models. The next thing I knew I was reaching out to speakers to interview for my blog. A couple speakers have gotten back to me.

This story continues into my next blog so stay connected below and have a great and wonderful day!