Does Micro Action Work For Anyone?

Jul 13, 2022

In my experience, YES.

It's also worked for millions of people.

My micro actions experience started around 2014 when my friend, the professor, introduced me to B.J Fogg, and his tiny habits program.

The professor told me that micro action; or as he called it, "Tiny habits," start as small as saying, "I'm going to wake up tomorrow and will meditate for ONE BREATH."

I signed up for the tiny habit program twice, but never heard back.

I decided to start tiny habits on my own. I would meditate for one breath the next morning and continue the following morning. I woke up the next morning and totally forgot to meditate. That was my experience with the program.

Oddly enough, my unsuccessful tiny habit, or micro action as I like to call it, turned into a simple thought. I thought, geez, whenever I say or think something negative, I'm going to finish that thought with a positive affirmation.

I did this for awhile (6 years) and I noticed I had a lot of negative thinking. It's kind of embarrassing to admit it because people know me as being positive; however, I had a lot of negative self talk about my body. I had a pain in my side and I was thinking this is it, I'm going to die. My ear was plugged and I was sure I would never hear from it again.

I was literally thinking worst case scenarios.


Once I started noticing the trend (5.9 years later), I started an incredibly simple habit. Every-time I thought something negative I thought, BUUUTTT... (something positive).

For another year it seemed like nothing happened...

I had negative thoughts like, "I have no energy."

Then I would think...

"BUUUUTTT, at 2pm I'm going to do a 10 minute HIIT workout on Youtube because that will boost my energy."

2pm rolled around, 2:10, 2:15, I never exercised; BUT, I felt guilty so I repeated the behaviour and soon enough I was working out daily.

7 months passed...

I noticed micro results. I looked in the mirror and I looked good... well... better.

I remember thinking I need to get started reaching out to speakers and connecting with people online. I don't do well with time management... BUUUTTT, I can set aside one hour a week to start connecting and following people online.

I can write one blog update per month. I can do that.

A few months later...

I have a new client, new online connections, and an upcoming interview with Joe Roberts.

Imagine what might happen five years from now?

Nobody knows about the future, we could all die in WWIII. What we do know is that this mind trick is so dang simple you would crazy not to do it. You might even be surprised by it.

You can use it overcome emotions. When you think I'M SO F'ING ANGRY!! YOU MOTHERFKNG S.O.A.B, I'LL F'IN (you get the picture) BUUTTTTTT remember: everything happens for a reason!

Practice this tiny habit and follow my blog, and come report back your results. I'm curious to know, did you do it?