Describe Yourself In Three Words Best Answer

Apr 13, 2022

I know it's mind blowing, but people actually Google "how to describe themselves in three words."

Apparently people need someone else to tell them about themselves?

A member in my accountability club gives us what I would call, the best way to figure out how to describe ourselves. She's a teen mindset coach who is just getting started on a big journey.

I'm a confidence from within kind of person, but this validated those thoughts.

You can do it too!

Simply ask your friends which 3 words come to mind when people think about you.

I took a video of my experience but here is my full list of words:

You Are Amazing

Funny, Flirty, Outgoing

Bold, Enduring, Joy

Passionate, Loving, Handsome

Positive, Friendly, Enthusiastic (loud)

Determined, Kind hearted, Brother

Confident, Persistant, Optimistic

Amusing, Energetic, Respectful

Energetic, Present, Pervert

Audacious, Outgoing, Social

Daring, Adventurous, Audacious

Ambitious, Loyal, Daring

Fearless, Big Hearted, Family Oriented

Loyal, Unafraid, Gregarious

I just realized that ONE word, "flirty" and then I called that girl hot in the video, and I said, "don't tell my wife!!!!!!!!!"


I'm going to have to go through an entire conversation for nothing.

Wife: who said that?

Me: just a friend, she was online and I was texting people online at that time.

Jody Lea (wife): Do I know her?

Obviously Jody Lea knows her! We have history. If a new friend called me flirty that would be far worse. I'm allowed to talk to this girl, but words like flirty and hot means we'll never be allowed to hang out without a chaperone!

A Decision Has To Be Made

What do I do about my wife who usually edits all my work?

Do I:

  1. Just send her over to edit and deal with whatever comes next?
  2. Don't have her edit this blog?

I'm going with number 2.

Also, I'm having trouble with the blog comments, just join my letter and tell me if I'm correct in my choice.