Why I Took Up Public Speaking, And Maybe You Should Too

Many moons ago I wrote a book. I wanted to publish that book so I went to Author101 University, Las Vegas. I attended a workshop with a world-renowned non fiction author. She had a question and answer period to which I asked a question I cannot remember. I do remember her response.

She said, “How old are you?”

“28,” I replied.

She smirked, “I didn’t publish my first book until I was twice your age. Go out, get some experience, and then come back and talk to me.”

That felt good. I knew that when the next generation was ready to invest into personal development, I’d be the one in front.

LeadingThePack public speaking

**Authors must keep in mind that only a lucky few writers send in a book proposal, and get a contract worth a few million dollars.

You must have heard the term ‘starving artists,’ right?

The average author sells less than 200 copies of their book, a few authors sell over 50,000 copies, and a handful of authors make millions. I met one of those millionaire authors in West Vancouver back when I was knocking doors selling $25 pizza promos. I remember looking at an Ivy wall camouflaged between huge cedar trees, and wondering if it was a driveway. I looked left, ohhh a shiny buzzer, I had to ring it. The gate opened and I  waltzed in. The driveway led to a garage that was literally built into the mountain. Beside the garage was a huge window looking into a well-lit library with book shelves that needed two ladders.

I heard the door opening as I came around the corner shouting, “Geez that’s a pretty fancy library, what do you do for a living?”

“You know I’m an author,” a man said… as our eyes met I stuck out my hand for a shake, and he went white as a ghost. I thought he was going to have a heart attack, instead he had an anger attack. “Who are you?” he shouted

“Devin Bisanz,” I said.

“Are you selling something?”

“My smile.”

“I don’t want your shit,” he hollered, “I thought you were my goddamn son. Get off my property NOW!”

“So which famous author are you?” I said.

I didn’t get much of a legible answer as his face went from white to red. He was as insane as his house. I did get to briefly enjoy a view from a balcony that stretched 50 feet off the side of the mountain, and overlooked all of Vancouver BC. #liveyourdreams

To bad the homeowner was as friendly as a frightened cat.

public speaking meme

I often think of my angry author friend because he was kind of living my dream. His house was private, his view priceless, his library a fairy tale, and he was working from home. You could have a gym, pool, office, staff, and you would never have to leave your house. Not to mention that your writing becomes a legacy for your future generations.

The only difference between that grumpy old man, and myself, is that he had been alone so long he went crazy. I observed his lonesome crazy self and realized that hiding behind the pen wasn’t the only thing I wanted to be good at. I also wanted to be able to communicate my message, and that’s how I stumbled upon Toastmasters International (probably the largest public speaking community in the world).

At one of my first meetings one fellow said, “You have to be a little bit off to be a good public speaker.”

He didn’t mention that you also need the courage of 10 men, and 10 women. That every single person in that audience is judging you, and you have to be OK with that. You have to believe that you are going to win over that audience and make sure they have the time of their life.

You cannot shy away from the audience, you have to make them laugh, get to the point, and for the most part, KISS em. (Keep It Short & Simple).

That Brings Us To My Point:

I gave aspiring authors some depressing news about how many books authors normally sell. Don’t worry, I haven’t “published” my first book yet. No big deal because I have been working on the thing that authors who sell two million copies are most often good at.

public speaking microphone

Public Speaking


Public speaking is man’s 3rd biggest fear. Not very many people can do it well. That’s why most authors sell 200 books.

If you are curious about public speaking I recommend Toastmasters International. There are clubs everywhere. I’ve been a member of Talk of The Town Toastmasters for over five years, and for a few dollars a month I have a weekly audience to train with. Benefits of public speaking include:

  1. having more patience
  2. better listening skills
  3. better phrasing
  4. ability to stand up for yourself
  5. loads of confidence
  6. a thirst for more knowledge
  7. telling jokes suitable for all ages
  8. knowing how to get instant rapport in any situation
  9. tons of job offers

Public speaking is challenging, but in the long run I’m not going to let a publishing company dictate whether I can publish a book or not. I’m going to publish books, and I’m going to sell them, and something great is going to happen…. like you may notice certain indications that the changes you desire are taking place.

How about that?!?


Have a great and wonderful day,


PS. would you like to supercharge your brain? Instantly download your free pdf here.

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