What Does Barcelona Spain, Nice France, & Monte Carlo Monaco, Have In Common?

What Does Barcelona, Nice, and Monte Carlo have in common?

Downing a beer in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Downing a beer in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The trip began.

Three Things:

  1. They are historic Mediterranean cities
  2. They like songs in english.
  3. They have ‘a guy’

Fact 1. A Little History Lesson.

Barcelona: there are two Spanish legends concerning the establishment of Barcelona. One legend says that it was founded by Hercules, 400 years before the building of Rome. But, according to the other legend, the city was founded in the 3rd century BC by the Carthaginian Hamilcar Barca, father of Hannibal.

FC Barcelona
Hanging out before the game in FC Barcelona.
FC Barcelona
It’s the largest stadium in Europe and it doesn’t serve a drop of alcohol. That fact is much more important then who is in this picture.


Nice: the history of the Beautiful Nice goes back to around 350 BC, when the Greeks founded a settlement on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, and called it Nikaia, after Nike, the Greek goddess of victory.

Nice France
Look at the clock. That clock is going to disappear as soon as they complete Nice’s new train station.


Monte Carlo: it might not look like it, but Monte Carlo is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with evidence of occupation dating back to the Stone Age. The first … However, in 1297 Guelph Francesco Grimaldi disguised himself as a monk, entered the castle and captured it, founding the ruling dynasty that continues to hold power to this day.

Monaco, Monte Carlo
When it rains it pours in Monte Carlo. But we still explored all that you see behind you.

Now Through My Eyes:

Barcelona has the most statues I’ve ever seen.

Barcelona Spain
The rearview of a statue in the alley behind our Hotel. Look close, is the baby holding a dagger?!?
Barcelona Spain
This statue was beside our hotel. Statues, statues everywhere!


We took a tour bus around the city and there was a statue on every corner.  Most statues were historic but our groups favorite was called, “Woman and Bird- by Joan Miro.”

I don’t care how you cut it, take one look at the picture below and you will see a penis.



Bacelona Spain
I present “Woman and Bird.” I think it looks like a sperm got turned around, no?

Of course Barcelona is also known for pick pockets.

Not True.

My friend and I looked for pick pockets. We asked our waiter, “What kind of guys pick pocket in this city?”

The waiter said, “Watch out for Moroccan children.”

But no Moroccan children showed.

Another fella said, “Don’t go out late at night. Pick pockets work late at night.”

Obviously he was drunk because in Barcelona many places are open until 4am. Then you can hang around bullshitting with the smokers, and grab a cold six pack of Estrella Damm off the street at 5am, seven days a week. Not one person stuck his or her hand in my pants.

We went to the nightclub thinking pick pockets like crowds. Instead we watched Giant dancing robots. They did not pick our pockets.

It’s Nice In Nice

Nice France was a little more civilized. The citizens of Nice (it was non tourist season) were mostly lights out by 11:15pm on a Friday.


If you want to stay up late in Nice you have three options; Blast Billiards, Wayne’s Bar, and a rock and roll night club behind Wayne’s Bar.

I think they call this place “a hole in the wall.”

Wayne’s Bar: I never would have expected that Wayne’s World would thrive somewhere other then the town it was created. But if you ever go to Nice then you should go to Wayne’s Bar. The people are friendly, the drinks are cheap, and tables are made to dance on. Seriously. do not put a drink on a table. I found it best to slam drinks in one go and then order shots. Yes. you get loaded as the Irish. Yes, you get friendly. And Yes, at Wayne’s Bar the English, French, Moroccan’s, Polak’s, Kiwi’s, Auzzies, Americans, Canadians, three brown folk and one Chinese kid acted like we met up for a family reunion.

-Regarding Travel-

One thing I admire about France, Spain, and Europe is how close it is to travel to a new town, and how inexpensive it is to travel.  In France you could travel coast to coast (Cannes to Nantes) in 784kms. Now let’s look at a sign you see when crossing Canada.

Now To The Country Of Monaco.

You could drive around the sovereign state of Monaco in an hour.

In a 2016 consensus there were 38,400 inhabitants in Monaco.

Kitsilano has more inhabitants.


In Monaco, everybody is rich. Every store boasts a designers name I can barely pronounce like Giuseppe Zanotti.

Le Metropole Shopping Centre has stores like Gucci Kids, and Prada Pets.

The cheapest store in the Le Metropole Shopping Centre is Tommy Hilfiger. #fact

Monte Carlo Mall
Jody Lea didn’t like this pic so I filtered it five ways to Sunday because you have to admire the chandelier in Monte Carlo’s shopping mall. #Guccikids


Even in the wealth soaked village of Monte Carlo locals listened to American bands!! Maybe not the old timers but the young timers sure did.

Fact 2. Barcelonians, Nicians, and Monte Carloians like songs in english.

My mind was first blown when the cabby From Barcelona’s El Prat Airport was listening to Eminem. At first I thought the cabby was trying to impress us but the station was in Spanish, the commercials were in Spanish, and then Justin Beiber.

In France it was the same damn thing. French Stations, French commercials, and Lady Gaga. I thought this phenomenon was just happening in the city. However between Nice and Monte carlo is a tiny village called Eze France- a must visit in the French Riviera.

Less then 3,000 people live in Eze France but one of them was an Uber driver, and we needed a ride from the train station at sea level, to the mountain top. Our Uber pulled up, and the driver who barely Spoke English was whistling to the tunes of 2Pac Shakur.

Eze France, the city on the mountaintop. If you visit the French Riviera then go to this community!

I asked one lady in France, “Do you not have musicians of your own?”

She said, “We do, but we like American music more!”

I know what you’re thinking… but nobody likes Americans!?!

Apparently we are all wrong goddammit.

America’s got talent!

Fact 3: Every City Has a Guy.

Monte Carlo’s guy was about as obvious as they come. I spotted him in his Bentley and then got a closer look in the mall when he placed two phones on his table. One look at those phones and I knew that he was the guy.

Of course I didn’t approach the guy to ask specifically, “Hey are you the guy?”

I don’t need to meet the guy, it’s just something that I notice when I travel.

And people will tell you, “Don’t do drugs.”

I agree.

You can’t take pictures in the Monte Carlo Casino but we still snapped this beauty!!!


I’m just saying that our global 100 trillion dollar contribution to the war on drugs is doing so well that every town in the world has, “a guy.”

Of course if you think your town is clean then go to the doctor. You just found your guy.

So who is the war on drugs protecting?

That’s right,

The government drug dealers.

Who not have drug laws protect everybody?


I think that is the first time I have ever said something political on my blog.



The bottom line is that Barcelona, Nice, and Monte Carlo are historical cities. they like American music, and it doesn’t matter which city you visit in the ENTIRE world you can always find Chinese restaurants, and a guy.

Cheers to world travel!!!!!!! Happy to be home.


Devin Bisanz

Is that a plant growing out of my head?

Things to be noted:

Food: I’m not the kind of guy who takes pictures of food but my friends are, and they snapped pictures of every meal.


Because that is how awesome the food is.

The Cathedral: Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família. 

If you go to Barcelona then you will surely hear about an architect named Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi is the designer behind one of the most renowned cathedrals in the world. De La Sagrada familia was started in the 1800’s and won’t be completed until at least 2026.

Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família
One section of the massive cathedral


Here is a link to the video inside the entrance of the cathedral. It was too big of file to publish on this blog. It links to Google My Drive.



Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família
Cathedral Timeline



Further reading:

Monte Carlo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monte_Carlo

Eze France: http://www.beyond.fr/villages/eze-provence-france.html

Nice France: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nice

Barcelona Spain: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barcelona

Have a great and wonderful day.

P.P.S- Want to know why I notice the guy? Click Here.

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