The Odd Truth About Early Retirement, And Your Health

Are you working toward early retirement? Well here is something to chew on. Since my early 20’s I’ve been hanging around unemployed people. That’s right, it’s often these people: PICEDITOR-SMH

And ME!

I’ve also seen the alternatives


I know for a fact that if you find yourself hanging with the alternative, there is a way out.


Yes, but we are not talking about the downers, we are talking about the other crowd, the retirees. The people who openly hated their jobs and got a pension cheque for doing so. And since I hang out with retirees all the time, I know that people retire too young.


My retired friends each know more than hand full of people who knocked off early. Heart attack, stroke, cancer, and suicide topping the list. This comes as no surprise to some, in fact studies show that the earlier you retire, the more you put your life at risk. I did a Google search on my Googler, and Google said, “Trust this website” I was then referred to an article titled, Early Retirement, Early Death? 

The article suggested that people who retire at 55 are 89% more likely to die in the 10 years after retirement than those who retire at 65. 

I’ll tell you what it is, boredom. A person dedicates hundreds of thousands of hours to serving some kind of purpose. Now they have nothing to do which is exactly what they thought they wanted, but guess what… nothing to do is boring as hell.


When it comes to early retirement perhaps I’m confused because I feel like I could die tomorrow. I also feel like I’m going to live forever. Am I going to die, am I going to live, I just don’t know. Should I be putting in the years to collect a pension cheque, or should I be following my passion and surviving the only way I know how???

imgres-1Go ahead and judge but I have another kind of dream. The kind of dream that takes a lifetime to build. You start here, you step there, you fall there. You get up, go here, find that, get turned onto this, and the next thing you know you’re thinking like old Chuck


If you want to live old then start getting into your imagination. Read some affirmations like I feel grateful to be alive, I love and forgive myself, I am open to accepting new challenges. I succeed (smile). I am open to health, prosperity, and happiness.

When you really begin to get in touch with your own needs then you’ll start to allow the necessary changes to take place in your life. You are a great and wonderful person.

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Devin Bisanz

Something you probably don't know about me. I was wheeling my street bike down the highway when I flipped over backwards. My street bike slid under an oncoming semi-truck, and I narrowly escaped death.

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