Positive Affirmations That Help You Almost Immediately

Before talking about affirmations I have to wonder if you think you’ll live a long life?

Until recently I didn’t think I’d live to see tomorrow. I remember being 19 and doing a wheelie along the main street of the small town I called home. I had a Kawasaki Ninja with an exhaust you could hear for twelve blocks. The police pulled me over. The copper knew me by name, he said, “Devin, you’re a good kid and I don’t want to scrape you off the pavement but I’ve seen it before. If you keep riding recklessly it’s going to be more than a fine, it’s going to be your life. Now get out of here and keep BOTH wheels on the ground.”

A week later that officer was scrapping me off the pavement in a pretty serious accident. But I survived, partied, drove recklessly, and was into extreme sports like:




Motor vehicle accidents almost killed me eight or nine times. One of my accidents was so intense that doctors told me that one more concussion would leave me in a wheelchair. I still played ultimate frisbee and I got knocked out twice playing soccer, trashed my ankle, blew my ACL, turned 35, and suddenly I find myself worrying about heart attacks, cancer, terrorist attacks, and the FLU!!!! Just the thought of riding public transit… ew.

There are a lot of negative things going on around me, and that means that positive affirmations are more important than ever.

Keep in mind that there are two kinds of affirmations; positive affirmations, and negative affirmations.


Negative affirmations are the most common. I’m into public speaking and rarely do I hear people say, “I also love public speaking and I can’t wait to get in front of an audience!!!”

What do people often say instead? How about, “I hate public speaking. I would never want to do it.”

If you say ‘I hate public speaking’ enough times then your brain is going to believe it. Your brain will find moments filled with concrete reasons why you hate public speaking, and that will reinforce your negative affirmation.

Public speaking is mans 3rd biggest fear, coincidence?  

The good news is that you can change your affirmations at any time.

Just think, I am open to new opportunity, better health, and prosperity.

Let me tell you about last fall when my knuckles started hurting, then aching, and then one day my knuckles hurt so bad that I couldn’t type another word. Before heading to the doctor, my girl, Jody Lea, looked up my ailment in the Louise Hay Book, “You can heal your life.”

Click the pic to grab your copy now!

**Jody and I often turn to Louise Hay before we head to the doctor. There is a section in the book listing almost all types of ailments, and she highlights why those ailments exist in you. She is usually bang on. For example, when we looked up finger joint pain Louise Hay said:

Arthritic Fingers: a desire to punish. Blame. feeling victimized. [It might seem a little vague, but I could immediately relate.] 

The affirmations: I see with love and understanding. I hold all my experiences up to the light of love. I am my own authority.

Now remember, my knuckles hurt so bad I couldn’t type, or play the guitar. I was feeling hopeless at about 3pm when I started repeating the above affirmations. I wrote them down, sang them, and repeated them continuously. I rubbed essential oil for ‘pain relief’ into my fingers, and drank bone marrow (good for your joints). That night I went to sleep repeating the affirmations.

The next morning I woke up with my fingers feeling numb, but better.  I continued the remedy and to my surprise my fingers continued getting better, and better! I blew off the doctor, picked up my guitar, and got back to work.

People can, you know, connect with their natural brilliance.

Two years before the finger thing I attracted an ulcer and it was bad news. I went to the doctor three times but the ulcer wasn’t going away. The doctor finally booked a date for the colonoscopy and that’s when Jody Lea said, “We should see what Louise Hay says about ulcers?”

We opened the book and sure enough there was something on ulcers:

Ulcer: fear. A strong belief that you are not good enough. What is eating away at you? [I agreed with the verdict]

The affirmations: I love and approve of myself. I am at peace. All is Calm. All is well.

I named my ulcer Giramo, I talked to him, rubbed him, laughed with him, and repeated the affirmations over 10,000 times. Five days later I went for my colonoscopy and was deemed perfectly healthy.

Can you imagine waking up to find your problems just disappeared?

It does happen if you say the right things to yourself. You can change in an instant. You can get motivated at any time. You can achieve your goals starting right now.

For just one second feel how good it feels to love public speaking, idiots, red lights, procrastination, anger, and embarrassment. You might say, “I worked hard for that embarrassment and achieved my goal. I am a great and wonderful person.”

In Conclusion: 

Do you want to be happy for the rest of your life?

Then share this post!


Have a great and wonderful day.



Something you probably don't know about me. I was wheeling my street bike down the highway when I flipped over backwards. My street bike slid under an oncoming semi-truck, and I narrowly escaped death.

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  • You named my ulcer Giramo – I love that Devin! What an inspiring post. I must admit I’ve never used affirmations, nothing against them I just haven’t given them a try. Will definitely take a closer look. Thanks!

    • Wohoo, my first blog comment!!! Big day 🙂 Inspiring is a great word, and you inspire me Marquita!
      Have a great and wonderful day,

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