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Imagine Failing, And Loving Every Minute Of It

I’m sure you know the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed then try, try again.” That saying is going to be the message I share at this years Toastmasters International Speaking Competition. The first of a five round competition takes place in March. If you’re unfamiliar with the ‘Toastmasters International Speaking Competition’ think of it like this: it’s a chance to take your public speaking credentials from amateur to semi pro, overnight. This will be my fifth crack at the

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Positive Affirmations That Help You Almost Immediately

Before talking about affirmations I have to wonder if you think you’ll live a long life? Until recently I didn’t think I’d live to see tomorrow. I remember being 19 and doing a wheelie along the main street of the small town I called home. I had a Kawasaki Ninja with an exhaust you could hear for twelve blocks. The police pulled me over. The copper knew me by name, he said, “Devin, you’re a good kid and I don’t want to scrape

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The Odd Truth About Early Retirement, And Your Health

Are you working toward early retirement? Well here is something to chew on. Since my early 20’s I’ve been hanging around unemployed people. That’s right, it’s often these people:  And ME! I’ve also seen the alternatives I know for a fact that if you find yourself hanging with the alternative, there is a way out. Yes, but we are not talking about the downers, we are talking about the other crowd, the retirees. The people who openly hated their jobs and got a pension

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Stop Learning The Hard Way

public speaking humour

Being a public speaker isn’t easy when you’re trying to change people’s lives, and they’re looking at you like you’re an idiot. At that point you are an idiot!! Perhaps you just like to learn the hard way. My dad once said, “I’m not going to show you how to do anything anymore Devin, because you learn the hard way anyway.” Let’s take for example my burned “motivational speech.” Before that speech I was on a roll. Adult audiences would tell you that I

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Why I Took Up Public Speaking, And Maybe You Should Too


Many moons ago I wrote a book. I wanted to publish that book so I went to Author101 University, Las Vegas. I attended a workshop with a world-renowned non fiction author. She had a question and answer period to which I asked a question I cannot remember. I do remember her response. She said, “How old are you?” “28,” I replied. She smirked, “I didn’t publish my first book until I was twice your age. Go out, get some experience, and then come back

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There’s Big Reward In Speaking Up

speak up

I live on the second floor in a four story wood frame condo building. Our elevator has been broken for six weeks so I’ve been walking past the condo below me. One day the lady who lives in the condo stopped me and said, “You know, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about your stereo. I can hear all your movies, and music, which is fine except for when you stay up until 2-3 in the morning.” “Really?” I

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The Ugly Truth About Resolutions

new year meme

Do people still make New Year Resolutions?? It looks like it at the gym but it seems resolutions are becoming less popular amongst my social circles. The other day my buddy asked a group of public speakers if they made new year resolutions, and just a few of the 26 attendees hands went up. I know what the others were thinking, why make resolutions when you’re already perfect? I hardly make new years resolutions but I set goals, and once you set

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Little Know Ways To Stay Positive

Before I share these little know ways to stay positive, I must remind you that I’m publishing this post on January 4th. The day the perfect child was born. He came out with his hair styled and two thumbs up. In 35 years the only change is that I used to get a shot of high protein milk for breakfast, and now I shoot 2 ounces of wheatgrass before breakfast. It’s very stimulating, and knock on wood I haven’t been sick in

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How To Stop Hackers Without Spending A Cent

stop hackers

Imagine being a web owner and waking up one morning to the above message. Apparently a lot of WordPress users experience this, and new blogs are targets as much as old blogs. Of course, I don’t want to spend a penny so I found a few ways to stop hackers before they get started. Because you know what they say about hacking…     I don’t believe this number myself, but Google says 30,000 websites are getting hacked daily. My research has identified How

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What Everybody Ought To Know About Writing

A wise man once told me, "If you're a writer, then write." And do you know what I like about writing? Editing. When it comes to editing the only way a first draft can be great is if: A: the writer has hundreds of thousands of hours of practice B: The other challenge of writing is to find readers. Die hards that keep coming back because they think you’re clever. Which you are, but not on the first draft. Now there are probably

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