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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

I’ve had “Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree,” stuck in my head for a month. I can’t remember the words and I don’t listen to radio so I just repeat oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree… making something uuup. I love my simple life. Dog chases stick. I chase dog. My dogs are like most peoples kids… excited. That makes me excited. We have an outdoor pool at our condo village and during the summer months parents bring their kids to the

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Importing Buddha From Budapest

Jody and I bought a French Bulldog from Budapest. His name is Buddha, and we’ll pick him up from YVR on January 12, 2017.    They say Frenchies like to snuggle on the couch. Buddha better like snuggling or he’ll be for sale at a discount. The next thing is to make a real human baby!! UGH I know what it’s like to be 35 without children. Awesome. This brings me closer to my point. Here is a little quiz: Answer these following

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Memories, And Emcee Tips From The District 96 Fall Conference

I always answer local phone numbers. One day in June that number was District 96 Fall Conference Chair, Linda Lee, and she asked me to co-emcee the district 96 fall conference.  I’d be working with Dorothea Hendriks, whom I’d only heard speak once… and I loved her. I hung up the phone super excited, I turned to my girl, Jody Lea, and said,”Hey babe’s, I just got asked to co-emcee the fall conference.” Jodes face turned crooked, “What, they don’t trust you

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One Rainy Adventure To Ucluelet BC

Uculet BC

Have you ever experienced the joys of a back seat driver? “This is only a 30km/hour zone,” my friend D shouted from the back seat, and I slowed down. “The speed limit is only 80km/hour,” my friend D shouted from the back seat, and I slowed down for one second. “This is a 40km/hour corner,” shouted D. I wanted to make D happy and punch him in the face at the same damn time. It was just like driving with my grandma when

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The Facebook Ad That Cost Me $1,357

Advanced Internet Marketing I’ve wanted to be an advanced internet marketer since the days of dial up internet. I had a dream of travelling the world with my computer not caring about the day of the week. Five years ago I took the plunge and started working on the internet. For five years something was always missing. Of course I didn’t know it until… A guest speaker attended my Toastmasters (public speaking) club and told a story about 28 explorers

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Haunted Room 209 At The Wigwam Inn

wigwam lodge

My lovely lady, Jody Lea, wanted to get away for labor day but all the online deals were booked. We own a timeshare with access to over 20 resorts and none were available. Jody Lea was steaming mad so I said something smart as she text her friend James who replied, “Let’s go sailing!” The obvious answer was YES. James also managed to secure the two best rooms in the Wigwam Inn, at the north end of the Indian Arm, just north of Vancouver.

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Is Working Online Too Good To Be True?

One thing I like about working online is that you can work whenever you want. One thing I don’t like about working online is it does NOT guarantee your success. I’ve driven a few web businesses into the ground and it’s painful. You work thousands of hours for free and have nothing to show for it. You are a failure and it’s embarrassing. That’s why, last January, when I dumped my hypnosis blog I said fart on it, I’m never going back to

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Always Working Toward Feeling Good

Studies show that an average income earner will get rich if he or she starts hanging out with rich people. And… according to business coach Colin Sprake, if a wealthy person were to spend enough time with a blue collar crew. That wealthy person would in fact lose his fortune. That’s insane in the membrane, and although it may be true you must remember: I don’t see why anybody can’t be that exception. Maybe that wealthy person lost his fortune because he

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Going Green, No Toxic Cleaners In This House.

work from home

I’ve taken on a job educating families on how to rid the toxic cleaners out of their life. The products I show people are environmentally friendly, cost effective, and they work better than any toxic cleaner you can think of. I can’t help but want to show people how to become an online customer because we all know that online shopping is the way of the future. You almost don’t even have to leave the house anymore. Now what if you could

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Chocolate, Wine, & GoPro at The Vancouver Wine Show

wine bottle and glass

I often block out one weekend in February to work the Vancouver Wine Show. My job description is as follows: Give out, and sell chocolate. Sample wine This year I enjoyed the second half of my job description the most, but five years ago it was a different story. Five years ago I had the idea that if you’ve tried one Merlot then you’ve tried them all. That same year I entered a draw and won a wine tour through the Okanagan Valley. When the lady

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