My Heart Beats To The Rhythm Of Love

My good friends husband called her at work. “I have a chest pain Tina,” he said. “It’s getting worse, what should I do about it?”

“Go to the hospital,” Tina insisted, but he didn’t go.

When Tina got home her husband was in serious pain. Tina loaded him in the SUV and floored it 5 km/s to the nearest hospital. Then, as Tina walked her man into the waiting room he dropped DEAD.


Doctors came from nowhere, nurses scrambled to get supplies, and the waiting room went silent. Even the guy who fell four stories was forgotten as doctors tried to bring Tina’s husband back to life.

They Succeeded,

But the hospital wasn’t equipped to handle such cases so they whisked Tina’s husband off to Vancouver General. At that point Tina called Jody Lea, Jody Lea called me, and we all cried for our boy, Rodney.

Luckily he survived!

Now, shortly after the Rodney situation I had dinner with my uncle Bob and uncle Bob said, “Yup, heart attacks run in our family as well. Uncle blah, blah, blah died of a heartache… cousin Billy…” all I heard was heart attacks run in our family as well.

I was not aware that heart attacks ran in my family. Cancer, yeah, the big C runs in every-bodies family but a heart attack… that’s unique.

I thought about that heart attack statement all evening, all the next morning, and a few days later I started feeling pain in my chest.

No Kidding,

My chest was hurting, and when I exercised I could feel chest pain. When I ate 12:00am junk food the pain was there. My heart was hurting so I turned to my favourite author, Louise Hay, and her awesome book, “You Can Heal Your Life.”

Louise Hay You Can Heal Your LifeIn laymen’s terms, Louise Hay suggested I had heart pain because I dealt with issues from anger, not love.

I agreed.

To overcome this problem Louise hay suggests the following affirmation: My heart beats to the rhythm of love.

My heart beats to the rhythm of love. I like it immediately.

I start driving around listening to BPM yelling, “My Heart Beats To The Rhythm of love!”

I sing, “My heeeaaarrt beats to the rhythm of love.”

I chant, “My heart beats to the rhythm of love. My heart beats to the rhythm of love. My heart beats to the you get it.

A few months later I’m writing about it.

The thing is…

I should not worry about my number being up at 36 years old.

I’m still a spring chicken… I buy a gram of hash and decide to smoke it while Jody Lea is at work. I’m thinking it’s just me and my dog, Buddha.

I pack a bowl… suck… and then cough my face off for two minutes.

The next few minutes are a blur…

At one point I’m in the bedroom looking for a shirt, my heart beating so fast I can’t see. I’m sweating. I have to get outside.

I put Buddha in his harness but can’t find the leash. I close the blinds, a fresh shirt is on a chair, my chest hurts. I find my hat. I need water. I open the fridge and soon hear beep, beep, beep. It sounds exactly like a heart rate monitor… a sign?? I put on my shoe on. I just need to get to the street so somebody can report me. I am having a…

My heart beats to the rhythm of love, I can hear it in the distance. My heart beats to the rhythm of love, is closer. My heart beats to the rhythm of love puts a smile on my face. Calm down. Take control. Take control. Take control.

I took my shoe off and started cleaning the kitchen. I cleaned the bathroom, living room, and half the bedroom so I could get back to work. It wasn’t my time to die… it was

 Rodney’s body said get me to a professional now. My body said do something with your life already.

Both of our bodies said something.

The bottom line is that Louise Hay has saved my life more times than a cat doctor. Richard Bandler is up there two. I’m currently reading Eric. T. Olson, The Human Animal: Personal Identity Without Psychology.

Great book.

With all this reading I’m feeling inspired and can’t help but notice where my chest pain is GONE NOW.

My Heart Beats To The Rhythm Of Love.

Does yours???

If it does then leave a Hell Yah in the comments!



Devin Bisanz



Something you probably don't know about me. I was wheeling my street bike down the highway when I flipped over backwards. My street bike slid under an oncoming semi-truck, and I narrowly escaped death.

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