Importing Buddha From Budapest

Jody and I bought a French Bulldog from Budapest. His name is Buddha, and we’ll pick him up from YVR on January 12, 2017. 

Baby Buddha


They say Frenchies like to snuggle on the couch.

Buddha better like snuggling or he’ll be for sale at a discount.

The next thing is to make a real human baby!! UGH


I know what it’s like to be 35 without children. Awesome.

This brings me closer to my point.

Here is a little quiz:

Answer these following questions in your mind, on paper, in the comments, however you want. Come up with your own answers before you continue reading (which I never do!!! lol)

  1. What would motivate YOU to try something new?
  2. What would cause you (on your own will) to stop doing that new thing, even if you had been provided what you needed in the previous question?
  3. What would make you start doing it again, even if you stopped for the reasons you listed in question 2?
  4. What would cause you to stop doing it again?

Let me assure you that your answers will be different than mine because if I were to start doing something new it would be because I suddenly became single.

Haha, that was a joke. I'll never be single.

I would be motivated to start something new if I were looking to fill a void in my life.

What would cause me to stop? Shame/embarrassment, I'm not good enough, or it wasn't what I thought it was. I would probably blame time.

What would make me get started again? Anger/frustration especially if people agreed with me about quitting. I'd want to prove them wrong. Perhaps it was better than the alternative.

What would cause me to stop again? Reaching the highest level of achievement.

You see why I don't start anything new???

Now pay attention.

I've been fortunate enough to have a lot of great personal development training, and those are the kind of questions they ask. Some of my favorite training is hypnosis training. That's right, hypnosis helps you think clearly... super weird. Now there are a variety of lessons used to teach hypnotists but one of my favorite lessions happened a few years back. There were 20 of us in training and we were given two instructions:

  1. Partner up
  2.  Play copycat. Talk, and act, exactly like our partner by using using the same hand gestures, body language, and words.

To make things exciting we were sent outside to approach strangers. Luckily we were on Miami beach. One of my partners kicked sand on a lounging kid, shook dads hand, and said to the mom, "Hi, I'm Cheryl, you look happy, how are you  all doing today?"

My job was to reenact Cheryl's eccentric self, and approach the family in the exact same way, shaking the fathers hand, looking at the mom and saying. "Hi, I'm Cheryl..."

Honestly, it was too easy. I amped it up by kissing peoples hands and cheeks. My partners were red in the face.

Now Let's See If I'm Doing Things Right

A minute ago you thought of something that might motivate you to try something new. Reading is one of those things. Your brain has no choice but to process these words. Some people process deeply, Jody Lea often takes what seems like 10 hours to read one sentence. That's OK, it sometimes takes me 10 hours to write one sentence. Imagine that. Now I really want to motivate you even if you don't want to be motivated. In fact, try not to look at the following picture:


Hope you didn't look. It sure feels good if you do... now imagine all those wonderful values and any other great qualities you love. Make the image nice and big in your mind and ask yourself, "If I had all these wonderful values flowing through me. What even greater would that give me?"

I hope your answer puts a big, fat, smile on your face!!!

That's the same smile I grow while thinking about importing Buddha from Budapest. Here is another picbuddhacute


Have a great and wonderful day,

Devin Bisanz

Something you probably don't know about me. I was wheeling my street bike down the highway when I flipped over backwards. My street bike slid under an oncoming semi-truck, and I narrowly escaped death.

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