How To Start A Conversation With A Girl.

I was once walking my friends dog, Harley, and I was meeting all kinds of new people when three stunning Persian girls stepped out of a Mercedes G-Wagon. They didn’t even give me a glance, perfect because if you want to know how to start conversation with a girl, then you first need a girl to practice on.

I strolled up to those Persian Princesses with my Peacock Feathers ruffled and said, “You ladies are so beautiful I just want to be seen in public with you!”

All three girls loved it, and if I didn’t have to pick my girl Jody Lea up from work… which I was late for, and she did not like the reason why. But if I didn’t have a girlfriend… which is impossible because I know how to start a conversation with a girl you like.

Now let me break down the science as we reveal the best conversation starter on the market:

LAMA Technique

loving LLamas

I know that Llama is spelt differently…

but you get the picture, right?

I learned about LAMA Technique when I went to call centre school where we learned how to SELL on the phone. The guys in the call center used LAMA technique so well, they could give a guy a reason to sell his car, and bet on an international lottery ticket. The odds of winning that lottery were impossible.

LAMA: Listen, Acknowledge, Make a statement, and ask a question.

Let’s look at LAMA technique, and how to start a conversation with a girl.

  • Listen
  • Acknowledge
  • Make a statement
  • Ask a question

Example: Let’s say a single beauty approaches you while walking her dog. You want to meet this beautiful specimen, but how?

The first thing I would do is make a statement such as, “Is that a man eating dog?”

Our prospect giggles and says, “Oh my gosh, no, actually she is just the opposite.”

Boom, the fish has nibbled the bait.

We use LAMA technique:

 You could say, “True story.” (Listen)

“She actually looks really friendly.” (Acknowledge)

“My friend had a little dog similar to yours, who was so friendly she would get excited, and pee everywhere.” (Make a Statement)

“Your dog isn’t a fire hose, is she?” (Ask a Question)

Let the girl respond. If our beauty isn’t grossed out by our presence, she might laugh and say, “No, but that’s a funny way of putting it.”

Bang, she took the bait and we are reeling this beauty in. I would just continue using LAMA technique to generate small talk.

I would say, “A lot of funny moments happen with dogs.” (Listen)

“I’m certainly a fan of happy memories.” (Acknowledge)

“And happiness is the key to life (Make a Statement), right?” (Ask a Question.)

If you got another smile out of the beauty, then I’m almost certain you’ve landed your catch, and potentially met your soul mate.

Keeping It Short and Simple works best when first meeting somebody. Once you have agreement you can tell longer stories, and ask better questions that lead into further conversation.

When I was learning how to practice LAMA Technique, my trainer made us practice while riding the bus.

I sat beside a young beauty, smiled and said, “Hello,”

She scrunched her eyebrows, and looked away.

I thought for a second, “Lots of people on the bus (make a statement); normally it would be awkward talking so close to each other, right? (Ask a question).”

She nodded, and looked away.

I waited another second, “Man long day at work (make a statement). Are you getting off work too? (Ask a question).”

She smiled, but did not look away.

I smiled, “Ok, one final question (acknowledge résistance through statement), ‘Did your mom tell you not to talk to strangers? (Ask a question).”

Next thing I knew the girl, told me a story about how her sister was abducted by a stranger. Luckily a foot patrol policeman watched the whole thing go down, and he saved the girl… ten minutes later we were best friends, and for the next several months I would be repeating in my mind: listen, acknowledge, make a statement, and ask a question.

Now I use LAMA without conscious awareness, and people always tell me how great I am at meeting people… even snobby people can’t resist the allure.

Of course, even LAMA technique didn’t work the time I took my friends sister to a Hockey game. No matter what I asked, or how long of a story I told, she would just smile, and nod.

Not all tricks work and that’s why we load our sleeves like a magician. The more tricks you know, the more people can relate to you. I’m saying that if you know a trick, please do tell.

lover girls quote

In the days and weeks ahead, the real value of having practice these patterns diligently will begin to become apparent.

Something you probably don't know about me. I was wheeling my street bike down the highway when I flipped over backwards. My street bike slid under an oncoming semi-truck, and I narrowly escaped death.

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