Chocolate, Wine, & GoPro at The Vancouver Wine Show

I often block out one weekend in February to work the Vancouver Wine Show. My job description is as follows:

  1. Give out, and sell chocolate.
  2. Sample wine

This year I enjoyed the second half of my job description the most, but five years ago it was a different story. Five years ago I had the idea that if you’ve tried one Merlot then you’ve tried them all. That same year I entered a draw and won a wine tour through the Okanagan Valley.

When the lady called, I said, “And at what point do you ask for my credit card?”

“I don’t,” she said, “You just won a trip for two in the Okanagan Valley. You get travel, to and from the airport, airfare, car rental, hotel, a tour of six wineries, dinner vouchers, and $100 credit at the casino. When you get home we’ll be sending you 24 bottles of wine, 12 bottles of wine vinegar, and you can book anytime you want within one year.”

I was like “HOLY F”$%, this is awesome!”

Now before we get carried away… at that time I thought of wine something like this:


After that trip I looked at wine like:


Well, maybe not that extreme, but I sure found new appreciation for the art of wine making, and the care that is put into the grapes. My girl (at the time) and I learned how things like slope, dirt, amount of sunlight, and elevation affect the flavour of the grape. We took a tour of a farm where they make wine vinegar and I’ve used wine vinegar ever since. We enjoyed several types of wines paired with many different courses of dinner. We met wonderful people. We went well over budget in the casino but this was a FREE trip. When I got home there were two cases of wine on my doorstep filled with $40-$100 bottles, and I got one box of wine vinegar just as promised. It was the most exciting thing I’ve ever won.



Now to recap the second half of my job description @ The Vancouver Wine Show; give out, and sell chocolate.

For the most part it’s not a very glamorous job. You wear latex gloves, break chocolate bars into squares, and put them on a tray where drunk hands are waiting for more chocolate. I definitely wouldn’t do this job for a living, but three days a year I can handle. Plus, even though I skipped the last couple years some people remembered me, and they said they missed me. I knew it wasn’t true but it sure felt good.

When I wasn’t breaking chocolate, or sampling wine I was cruising around the Vancouver wine show with a box of Ritter Sport Mini, and my GoPro. It was one of my first experiences using the camera but I had enough footage to make two videos. The corporation I worked for got one video, and the other one is right here:

I would like to list the people featured in this video but I don’t know who most of them are. I know the video opens up with the Sysco crew, and that my boss is featured @ 1:08 as she samples wine from the decanter. The decanter is called Eve. I’m not sure how expensive Eve is, but she gives a magical burst of flavour.

I’m hoping it’s my friend Leah who photobombs @ 1:27.

At 1:38 a piece of chocolate is thrown in the air, and it hits the grey haired fellow on the head. He experiences one second of shock.

‘The other camera guy’ is my boy Derek Shelton. Derek is currently looking at you from the cover shot. His boy Corey is in the background.

My fiancée is the girl I kiss @ 2:27.

My friend Alana, who I see every year, is featured @ 2:49.

Sandeep and her sister are the two beauties at the end of the video.

As for everybody else, we didn’t get to know each other, but next year I’ll say, “Did you see my GoPro video last year?”

Bam, next year will be better than this year.

In Conclusion,

The Vancouver Wine Show is a February treat where just 3 hours can leave you feeling like an expert amongst friends.

Not to mention that if you come next year, then you can be in my video!!!


Devin Bisanz- author of How to Super Charge Your Brain

Something you probably don't know about me. I was wheeling my street bike down the highway when I flipped over backwards. My street bike slid under an oncoming semi-truck, and I narrowly escaped death.

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