The Facebook Ad That Cost Me $1,357

Advanced Internet Marketing I’ve wanted to be an advanced internet marketer since the days of dial up internet. I had a dream of travelling the world with my computer not caring about the day of the week. Five years ago I took the plunge and started working on the internet. For five years something was always missing. Of course I didn’t know it until… A guest speaker attended my Toastmasters (public speaking) club and told a story about 28 explorers

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How To Stop Hackers Without Spending A Cent

stop hackers

Imagine being a web owner and waking up one morning to the above message. Apparently a lot of WordPress users experience this, and new blogs are targets as much as old blogs. Of course, I don’t want to spend a penny so I found a few ways to stop hackers before they get started. Because you know what they say about hacking…     I don’t believe this number myself, but Google says 30,000 websites are getting hacked daily. My research has identified How

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