What Does Barcelona Spain, Nice France, & Monte Carlo Monaco, Have In Common?

What Does Barcelona, Nice, and Monte Carlo have in common? Three Things: They are historic Mediterranean cities They like songs in english. They have ‘a guy’ Fact 1. A Little History Lesson. Barcelona: there are two Spanish legends concerning the establishment of Barcelona. One legend says that it was founded by Hercules, 400 years before the building of Rome. But, according to the other legend, the city was founded in the 3rd century BC by the Carthaginian Hamilcar Barca, father of Hannibal.

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A Fork Stuck In The Road.

There is a Green Day song called ‘Time Of Your Life.’ They played it at my 16 year old friends funeral. He jumped in front of a train and splattered all over the main intersection in my home town. In the aftermath was a bloody shoe that just sat by the tracks. Maybe the situation heightened my senses but that song played, and I’ve thought about this one line almost everyday since. “A Fork Stuck In The Road.” To some

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Tales From My Once/Year Job- The Vancouver Wineshow

I just can’t help but loving passionate people, and there are a number of beauties I meet once a year at the Vancouver Wine Show like Derek Shelton. Derek could drop you into trance anytime. I’m serious, he is a family man, wine expert, and hypnotist. Hypnotists know how to make you feel good. Derek was love at third sight. I was at the chocolate booth, he was just another dude stopping by for the third time and I couldn’t tell you what we

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Mexico 4.1- Grand Palladium Resorts

The worst moment during our Mexico trip was hitting a shallow ledge jumping for a football in the pool. That re-injured my partially torn ACL. There was one benefit; arriving at the airport in a wheelchair gets you VIP service. I cut every line and blew through the Mexican airport so quickly Jody Lea said, “Man, it would have been nice to wait in line for a change. Said nobody ever.” Laugh. Let’s forget about the bad and talk about the title of the blog.

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The Four Hour Work Year

The other day a fellow gets in my car and says, “Have you ever heard of the book, The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss?” I thought, yeah like 10 years ago. Back when I was working four hours a week, or less. “Yeah I heard of the book,” I said, and that book has been on my mind for 10 years. I originally bought the book because I hated on anybody who had a brilliant idea. It’s always been gut wrenching

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Importing Buddha From Budapest

Jody and I bought a French Bulldog from Budapest. His name is Buddha, and we’ll pick him up from YVR on January 12, 2017.    They say Frenchies like to snuggle on the couch. Buddha better like snuggling or he’ll be for sale at a discount. The next thing is to make a real human baby!! UGH I know what it’s like to be 35 without children. Awesome. This brings me closer to my point. Here is a little quiz: Answer these following

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One Rainy Adventure To Ucluelet BC

Uculet BC

Have you ever experienced the joys of a back seat driver? “This is only a 30km/hour zone,” my friend D shouted from the back seat, and I slowed down. “The speed limit is only 80km/hour,” my friend D shouted from the back seat, and I slowed down for one second. “This is a 40km/hour corner,” shouted D. I wanted to make D happy and punch him in the face at the same damn time. It was just like driving with my grandma when

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Haunted Room 209 At The Wigwam Inn

wigwam lodge

My lovely lady, Jody Lea, wanted to get away for labor day but all the online deals were booked. We own a timeshare with access to over 20 resorts and none were available. Jody Lea was steaming mad so I said something smart as she text her friend James who replied, “Let’s go sailing!” The obvious answer was YES. James also managed to secure the two best rooms in the Wigwam Inn, at the north end of the Indian Arm, just north of Vancouver.

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