A Fork Stuck In The Road.

There is a Green Day song called ‘Time Of Your Life.’ They played it at my 16 year old friends funeral. He jumped in front of a train and splattered all over the main intersection in my home town. In the aftermath was a bloody shoe that just sat by the tracks. Maybe the situation heightened my senses but that song played, and I’ve thought about this one line almost everyday since. “A Fork Stuck In The Road.” To some

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How Psychic Lan Vo Enhanced My Life.

It was 9:00 pm on a Monday, or Tuesday, or perhaps Sunday, days fly. Jody and I were on our way to the doctors house for a reading from his Psychic, Ms. Lan Vo. I wasn’t interested in getting a reading because my ex girlfriend got readings at carnivals, street vendors, and she once paid $1,000 for a reading from Sylvia Browne. Every time my ex got a reading our relationship was in trouble. One time my ex was told

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My Heart Beats To The Rhythm Of Love

My good friends husband called her at work. “I have a chest pain Tina,” he said. “It’s getting worse, what should I do about it?” “Go to the hospital,” Tina insisted, but he didn’t go. When Tina got home her husband was in serious pain. Tina loaded him in the SUV and floored it 5 km/s to the nearest hospital. Then, as Tina walked her man into the waiting room he dropped DEAD. Literally, Doctors came from nowhere, nurses scrambled

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Why Would Canada Honor Queen Victoria?

Queen Victoria

I used to think Victoria Day was a holiday in honor of BC’s capital city, Victoria. Thats so not true. Looking back through time perhaps they should have called the Holiday, “Queen Victoria Day.” Victoria was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 20 June 1837 until her death in 1901. On May 1, 1876, she adopted the additional title of Empress of India. Three Things You May Not Know About The Queen: Queen Victoria learned to speak

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I Always Get What I Want

I always get what I want

Two Blogs In One Week! I haven’t posted this frequent in years and I used to love to blog. Long story short I still love to blog. The truth is I used to blog like mad but now I rarely use any social media. Last year I only posted 35 pictures on IG (my favorite platform). Hola! Connect with me @DevinBisanz This year started out similar to last but then it became different when Jody Lea and I made a handshake deal on

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Geez Louise 5 Months Behind On Goals Already?!?

Setting Better Goals

Maybe you’re the extreme opposite but we are five months into 2017 and I am five months behind on my goals. That’s OK, I know a guy who is 10 years behind on goals! Some people are 20 years behind, and they all started losing track of goals just like I did… one day behind, one week, one month, and before long 20 years past. UNLESS. We take action now. We Must Focus One thing I do know… The trick is

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The Four Hour Work Year

The other day a fellow gets in my car and says, “Have you ever heard of the book, The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss?” I thought, yeah like 10 years ago. Back when I was working four hours a week, or less. “Yeah I heard of the book,” I said, and that book has been on my mind for 10 years. I originally bought the book because I hated on anybody who had a brilliant idea. It’s always been gut wrenching

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Importing Buddha From Budapest

Jody and I bought a French Bulldog from Budapest. His name is Buddha, and we’ll pick him up from YVR on January 12, 2017.    They say Frenchies like to snuggle on the couch. Buddha better like snuggling or he’ll be for sale at a discount. The next thing is to make a real human baby!! UGH I know what it’s like to be 35 without children. Awesome. This brings me closer to my point. Here is a little quiz: Answer these following

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Memories, And Emcee Tips From The District 96 Fall Conference

I always answer local phone numbers. One day in June that number was District 96 Fall Conference Chair, Linda Lee, and she asked me to co-emcee the district 96 fall conference.  I’d be working with Dorothea Hendriks, whom I’d only heard speak once… and I loved her. I hung up the phone super excited, I turned to my girl, Jody Lea, and said,”Hey babe’s, I just got asked to co-emcee the fall conference.” Jodes face turned crooked, “What, they don’t trust you

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The Facebook Ad That Cost Me $1,357

Advanced Internet Marketing I’ve wanted to be an advanced internet marketer since the days of dial up internet. I had a dream of travelling the world with my computer not caring about the day of the week. Five years ago I took the plunge and started working on the internet. For five years something was always missing. Of course I didn’t know it until… A guest speaker attended my Toastmasters (public speaking) club and told a story about 28 explorers

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