My Heart Beats To The Rhythm Of Love

My good friends husband called her at work. “I have a chest pain Tina,” he said. “It’s getting worse, what should I do about it?” “Go to the hospital,” Tina insisted, but he didn’t go. When Tina got home her husband was in serious pain. Tina loaded him in the SUV and floored it 5 km/s to the nearest hospital. Then, as Tina walked her man into the waiting room he dropped DEAD. Literally, Doctors came from nowhere, nurses scrambled

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Are You Into Lateral Thinking

brain teaser

I’ll always remember a girl who gave a public speech about shopping for men. She was a practicing Christian, on a Christian dating site, picking out men based on hair color, eye color, weight, and height. I was smiling because if I were to choose between a blonde, brunette, and a redhead. 97.9% of the time I would choose blonde or brunette. I’ve always thought redheads, and freckles can be sexy, but they’re not for me. Guess what? My girl

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