Always Working Toward Feeling Good

Studies show that an average income earner will get rich if he or she starts hanging out with rich people.

And… according to business coach Colin Sprake, if a wealthy person were to spend enough time with a blue collar crew. That wealthy person would in fact lose his fortune.

That’s insane in the membrane, and although it may be true you must remember:


I don’t see why anybody can’t be that exception. Maybe that wealthy person lost his fortune because he realized the money could help his community. Who knows? Some people say


Get caught texting and driving then call me about no rules.

One time my friend and I were sitting at a red light when the policeman rapped the drivers window. I was the passenger and I shat myself. My friend picked up $167 fine.

As of June 1st the fine is $500.

There ARE rules.

I once asked my Evangelist cousin, “Do you really believe in heaven and hell?”

He got tense, “YES!” He shouted.

 I said, “What if I did something bad and died on the way to ask forgiveness from God?”

He said, “You can ask for forgiveness at any time.”

I agreed.

My friend once told me she was “emotionally scarred.”

That’s some heavy stuff because you can’t even see that scarring, how can you relate to her? There is only one way I know how… I remember clawing my way out of my grave. I remember the terror, then I remember the transition to taking charge and leaving that place behind.

Suddenly rules come into play. You see if you believe in something then you certainly have rules.

The question is, how well do your rules play with others???


 It might be cool to dominate in sports but punching someone in the face a few times on the street could land you in jail. Now you could just turn it into a joke, that’s what I like to do. Then I just end up smiling about the complexity of this persons life.

You see emotions rule some, a higher power rules some more, and law governs the bunch. Our situation may dictate the outcome of Our success but not if we’re #Alwaysworkingtowardfeelinggood

Have a great and wonderful day,

Devin Bisanz

Something you probably don't know about me. I was wheeling my street bike down the highway when I flipped over backwards. My street bike slid under an oncoming semi-truck, and I narrowly escaped death.

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