A Fork Stuck In The Road.

There is a Green Day song called ‘Time Of Your Life.’ They played it at my 16 year old friends funeral. He jumped in front of a train and splattered all over the main intersection in my home town. In the aftermath was a bloody shoe that just sat by the tracks.

Maybe the situation heightened my senses but that song played, and I’ve thought about this one line almost everyday since.

“A Fork Stuck In The Road.”

To some people a fork stuck in the road makes no sense. A fork in the road makes sense, life is just a bunch of forks in the road. You’re traveling one sensible path and you feel like you have it together. BLAM, something happens. Sometimes you want that thing to happen, teenage pregnancy. Sometimes you don’t want that thing to happen at all, an all inclusive paid vacation.

Greed day Fork stuck in the road


Devin Bisanz, Green day time of Your Life

I like it when roads lead to money. Money is freedom and everybody cares how much money you make. Like when people ask, "Does your blog pay the bills?"

Obviously not when I write one blog every two months.


The other day my mom sent me an email after reading a few of these blogs.... and I'm not going to share the email with you because I don't want you balling your eyes out with joy and happiness.

The freedom of expression.

A fork stuck in the road

A fork stuck in the road could mean that maybe you should turn around. It's like my dad says, "Grab a fork and see if that potato is done!"

Sometimes I wish I put a fork in the road to "entrepreneurism." Then I would be almost 20 years into a good government job with a pension.

Instead I had to believe in myself.  

Green Day, Time of Your Life

Awhile back I was riding shotgun in the doctors car. He was talking about buying computer processors and using them to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. That's right... cryptocurrency mining and I should have stuck a fork in it right there.

Instead I said, "I want to buy a mining rig."

"Excellent," said the doctor, pulling an envelope out of his jacket. "Here is three grand, now you go get three grand, and then drive to Mikes Computer Shop. Our computer guy has 10 units on hold."

Fast forward a few months and our mining team is looking to scale something small into something as great as you can imagine.

Our project is so big that BC Hydro's Large Industrial Connections responded to one of my emails like this.

Hi Devin,

100MW of load is massive (4x small cities) Are you sure this number is correct? blah, blah blah... if you mean 10MW or less then we may be able to service you.

The thing is that when you run high powered computers 24hrs/day... 10MW only powers a few thousand computers. AND if you want to be the biggest cryptocurrency mine in the world, then you need a few thousand computers just to start.

Cryptocurrency Mining and Green Day

My point is that before this happened I was travelling a different road. At first I stuck a fork in that road to pursue this one, but why limit yourself to one road when you could travel an entire country??

Green Day Time Of your Life Meaning


Some people say, "Why travel the country when you can travel the world?"


fork Stuck In The Road Meaning

The moral of the the story is; take those forks out of those roads!!!!! You can travel multiple roads a day and there is only one thing that matters.

A Message From Green DaY

Have a great and wonderful day,

Devin Bisanz


Something you probably don't know about me. I was wheeling my street bike down the highway when I flipped over backwards. My street bike slid under an oncoming semi-truck, and I narrowly escaped death.

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